boats on the Tideway


The following penalties have been applied to the 2021 results :

No. BROE ID Club Event Penalty Reason
191194553Nottingham RCOp Champ 4-5 secLate to the start
281195507Lea RCOp Champ 4+5 secFouled another crew
601194476Oxford Brookes UniW Champ 4+5 secLate to the start
641194780Imperial College BCOp Acad 4x-5 secLate to the start
1091195217Tideway Scullers SchOp S/J 4x-10 secFouled another crew
1531194411Upper Thames RCOp Champ 4-5 secLate to the start
1851194634Oxford Brookes UniOp Acad 4+DSQIneligible for event
2331195046St Paul’s School BCOp S/J 4+5 secImpeded another crew
2701194997Molesey BCW Club 4xDSQIneligible for event
2921195101Tideway Scullers SchoolW Club 4-DSQIneligible for event
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