Exeter University women's coxed four

Crew information

Full Instructions for Crews including marshaling details for the 2021 race will be published here 1-2 weeks before the event. In the meantime, please note the following key information:

The course

The 2021 Fours Head will run over the full Championships course from Mortlake to Putney, provided Hammersmith Bridge remains open to river traffic.

The Racing Course is defined by the Fairway as explained in The Tideway Code (i.e. the zone to the centre of the river between the large red and green navigation buoys).

Do not leave litter

Crews should note that they are required to properly dispose of all rubbish, including taking this home with them if appropriate facilities are not readily available. Instructions of Officials must be followed in this regard.

Overtaking rule

Boats being overtaken MUST give way, and boats overtaking MUST do so safely. All crews have a responsibility to avoid collision. 

Umpires and Observers will be posted along the course. Crews may be penalised or disqualified if judged to have contributed to a collision.

Racing crews must pass through the centre arches of Chiswick and Barnes Rail Bridges.


It is your responsibility to ensure your equipment fully meets the minimum standards as specified in the BR Row Safe document and is in full working order. Control Commission inspections will operate. Crews failing to stop for inspection when requested to do so may be disqualified. The Umpire will decide appropriate penalties for crews failing to comply with Row Safe; these will include disqualification for serious breaches. The British Rowing Boat Identification Code will be strongly enforced. This is also a Port of London Authority requirement and they will be in evidence during the race. Participating boats without identification will incur a time penalty.

All boats, including those from overseas, must display a standard six digit boat identification code. Those who do not may be subject to a time penalty. Further details can be obtained from British Rowing.

River Authorities

The PLA, Coastguard and River Police are aware of this event and will be in evidence on and off the water.

Looking after yourself

You must follow the standards for safety set out in British Rowing Guide to Good Practice in Rowing, and particularly the requirement at section 2.1 to wear personal floatation devices if you cannot demonstrate the ability to meet the swimming standard or there is a medical problem which presents a risk that you may become unconscious or immobile.

You should be capable of completing a ten mile outing and may be on the water for three hours.

Hypothermia: Layers of clothing are more effective than one warm garment. The outer layer should be wind and waterproof.

Dehydration: Yes, even in November! Carry water with you for after the race.

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