Thames RC women's coxless four

Start order

Start order v2 (10 Nov 2022):

The above Version 2 of the Start Order will be used to determine host club locations for number distribution – if you are NOT boating from the host club shown, please notify URGENTLY.

Clubs who have multiple crews in the same event must ensure they are clear which crew is which by cross-referencing the Crew ID shown here with the members of the crew entered against that ID in BROE2 (once you go into a crew there, you will see the crew number in the Custom Name field). Do not make assumptions based on either crew letters or crew “names”, which may be auto-generated by BROE2. You MUST check the composition of each crew based on the BROE ID (which will be of the form 125NNNN).

Note 1: There are many changes with this update and your bow number may have changed between V1 and V2. Please ensure you refer to the latest version of the start order.

Note 2: Due to substitutions making them ineligible for their original event, some crews are shown as starting out of order (i.e. Champ crews at the head of their original event). This is due to constraints on division sizes.  If scratchings allow these crews will be moved to start with the other Championship Crews on the day.

Substitutions: up to 50% of the crew, plus the cox, may be changed until the day of the race. All substitutions must be made online on BROE2 by no later than 1 hour before the race.  Crews which are identified as having raced with an undeclared substitution will be disqualified. For more on how to make substitutions, visit the Entries page (scroll to bottom).

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