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Host Tideway clubs

Visiting crews MUST get permission to boat from one of the host clubs on the Tideway before entering or their entries will be refused. Contact details for host clubs are given below. When applying for boating permission, include the name of your club, how many crews you have, and your phone number.

Host clubs: Please let us know ( if you are notifed by BROE2 that a visiting club has put you down as their boating location without having asked.

Visiting crews wishing to boat from Putney MUST get trailer permission from the Entries Secretary before applying to a host club for boating permission. Visit the entries page for how to do this.

Please note:

  • Visiting crews are encouraged to share trailers as the constraint at many boating locations is the number of trailers that can be accommodated there.
  • Most host clubs charge a small fee to cover additional cleaning costs and supplies.
  • Host clubs may issue a boating schedule to crews boating from their clubs.
  • This specific information if you are boating from Putney.
  • This specific information if you are Boating from Hammersmith.
  • If you are NOT boating from Putney, you may NOT have your trailer brought to Putney to “meet you at the finish”.
  • The Committee reserves the right to direct where crews will boat from.

Host club boating contact email addresses

NB These may be out of date.

See map below this list for locations.

  1. Auriol Kensington RC (Hammersmith)
  2. Barn Elms (above Putney: fully booked for 2022)
  3. Barnes Bridge Ladies & Cygnet (Civil Service boathouse)
  4. Crabtree BC (Putney)
  5. Dulwich College (Putney)
  6. Emanuel School (Barnes Bridge)
  7. Furnivall Sculling Club (Hammersmith)
  8. HSBC (Putney)
  9. Imperial College (Putney)
  10. Kings College School (Putney)
  11. Latymer Upper School (Hammersmith)
  12. London RC (Putney)
  13. Mortlake Anglia & Alpha RC (Chiswick)
  14. N/A
  15. Putney Town RC (Chiswick)
  16. Quintin BC (Chiswick)
  17. Sons of the Thames (Hammersmith)
  18. St Paul’s School (Hammersmith (Surrey): limited space for visiting crews – fully booked for 2022)
  19. Thames RC (Putney)  secretary@thamesrc.couk
  20. Thames Tradesmen’s RC NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2022
  21. Tideway Scullers School (Chiswick)
  22. University of London (above Chiswick)
  23. University of Westminster (see Quintin)
  24. Vesta RC (Putney)
    Westminster School RC (Putney)
  25. Putney High School (Putney)
  26. Fulham Reach BC (below Hammersmith)


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