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Boating from Putney

putneyhardThe Committee is reliant on the goodwill and assistance of the Authorities at Putney for the race to continue with the same number of visiting crews.

Putney embankment is busy on race day with over 200 crews boating from there, so if you are a visiting crew boating from any of the clubs along Putney Embankment and are planning to trail boats to and from the race, please ensure your driver and crew members have read, and follow, the following instructions.

All crews from any club whose representatives do not conform to the these rules, will be subject to sanctions up to and including disqualification and may be refused entry in future years.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking arrangements for the Fours Head differ from those for other heads at Putney in that we ask you to keep trailers on site and use them as boat racks, to keep the road as clear as possible. No vehicles can remain parked on the Embankment unless permitted. Unauthorised vehicles will be removed by Wandsworth BC and a fee will be required for their release.

One-way traffic system for trailer access

Trailers must only enter the Embankment via Thames Place (by the Duke’s Head pub). Please enter carefully as there are extra hazards due to signage for the Thames Tunnel works taking place.

Trailers are to be parked on the river side of the road. Drivers who do not park their trailer as on the river side must move their trailer as directed before unloading can begin. Refusal to comply may result in sanctions or disqualification.

Race Marshals will be there on the day from 07:00 to direct the parking of trailers. Their instructions must be followed exactly, any failure to do so, may result in exclusion from the race.

Before and during the race

  • Full road access must be maintained at all times along the full length of the Embankment in case any of the Emergency Services is required. It has happened in the past, and is in the interests of rowers and their supporters to ensure that the roadway is kept clear.
  • All Race Officials, the Police, Traffic Wardens and Council Officials must be obeyed at all times and treated with courtesy and respect. Traffic flows and regulations must be obeyed.
  • Race officials will be present on the day managing the distribution of trailers along the Embankment and directing where trailers are to be parked. Trailers will not necessarily be parked close to host clubs, controlling overcrowding and managing safety is the greater concern. Please park as directed.
  • Equipment must not block the road at any time. This is an important safety requirement. This includes boats being offloaded from trailers. Rigging boats in the roadway is not allowed; there is space reserved on pavements and in parking bays for boat and equipment preparation. Rigged boats should be returned to and racked on trailers as far as possible
  • The pavement alongside Leaders Gardens is taped off, and must be kept clear for pedestrian access. A lot of children use the park and this is a specific request from the Council. Boats, equipment and baggage must not obstruct the pathway.
  • Tow vehicles must leave as quickly as possible once their trailer is parked and equipment unloaded. Parking has been arranged at the London Wetland Centre in Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes, SW13 9WT.
    The Wetland Centre car park will be open from 9.30am-4.30pm after which the car park will be LOCKED. Directions will be available from race officials on the day if you are unfamiliar with the venue. The car park is a 10 minute walk along the river path, back to the Embankment.
For 2019 you won’t have to pay (image above shows instrctions for previous years) but you do need to collect a token from reeption to get out.

After the race

  • Crews must return to the location where they boated. Clubs that did not boat from Putney MAY NOT bring trailers to Putney after the race to collect crews. Medical emergencies will be the ONLY exception to this rule.
  • Crews must derig their boats immediately on disembarkation after the race. They should not go off and change first. Space on the Embankment is extremely limited and it is not fair on later returning crews if their path is blocked by boats abandoned on trestles on the hard.
  • In 2021 no access will be permitted to the embankment for returning towing vehicles until 14:00. There have been a number of problems with conflicts between crews still disembarking post race and towing vehicles so safety dictates this delay.
  • Trailers to be collected from Putney must already be fully loaded and ready to go before the towing vehicle returns. Drivers must move carefully and with regard to the busy environment.
  • Trailers leaving the Embankment must follow the instructions of race officials. Exit routes are via Festing Road, Rotherwood Road, Glendarvon Road and Thames Place.

Click here for a map of Putney Embankment.

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