Start time now 10am - Entries now £80

Changes to start time and entry fee

The Committee met yesterday and would like to update you on two decisions.

Start time now 10am

The start time of the 2020 Fours Head has been changed to 10am on Sunday, 22 November. This is to allow crews extra time to boat so that they can ensure they do so in a socially distanced way.

Please note that it is ESSENTIAL that all crews are in their marshalling positions 15 minutes before race start time. Crews who are not in place by 9.45am will incur a penalty.

Entry fee now £80

We have raised the entry fee from £70 to £80 for all crews to include a contribution towards the cost of hiring portaloos.

We’re making this late change because it has emerged that there could be a shortage of these critical items for hire at the moment. As more are needed than usual because visiting crews can’t use host club facilities AND each self-contained visiting club group needs its own portaloos to be COVID-secure, we’ve decided to manage this centrally to ensure an adequate supply (host clubs: we’ll be in touch).

Obviouly, this is not an area that could be ‘poo-pooed’ or that could be ‘papered’ over. We’d be ‘panned’ if there weren’t enough, and a ‘bog’ standard response won’t do!

Thank you for your understanding

The Committee are hugely grateful for the understanding comments we’ve received in response to our announcement earlier this week about the significantly reduced number of entries we’re able to accommodate this year and how these will be allocated.

We hope you’ll be equally understanding about us these making these changes at this stage – as you can imagine, there’s a lot of new detail to be discussed this year because of COVID-19 and the Hammersmith Bridge closure as well as all sorts of evolving challenges.

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