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2021 Fours Head: We’re back!

The Committee is delighted to announce that we currently intend to run the 2021 Fours Head over the full Championship course from Mortlake to Putney ‘as usual’ on Saturday, 13 November.

Please visit the Entries page for details of the events offered this year. The main change since the race last ran in 2019 is that the Championship (formerly Band 1) events for Club and Academic crews have been combined so that these crews can test their speed against each other in similar conditions. Senior crews below Championship continue to compete in separate Club and Academic events. School/Junior crews of a suitable standard may elect to race in Championship. The four categories – Championship, Club, Academic and School/Junior – will not be further sub-divided into bands.

Key dates

4 October 2021: Entries open on BROE2 (09:00)

29 October 2021: Entries close on BROE2 (12:00)

Week commencing 1 November 2021: Provisional start order published

13 November 2021: Race day (start time 10:45)

In preparation for entries opening, we encourage competitors to make sure they have renewed their British Rowing membership (Tip: members can renew up to 8 weeks before their membership expires and retain their renewal date).


Please be reassured that we are drawing up contingency plans for number of situations that might occur this year in addition to the usual weather/stream ones.

  • Changes to Covid-19 guidelines
  • Navigation under Hammersmith Bridge becoming restricted again
  • Works restricting the Middlesex arch of Barnes Bridge.

Host clubs

We are in the process of contacting all host clubs to understand the number of crews you feel comfortable accommodating this year. If we have not yet been in touch with you, please contact

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