Update on entries for 2022

Entries for the Fours Head 2022 opened at 0800 on Monday, 17 October. There was an exceptionally high level of entries and the BROE2 online entries system suffered significant problems, affecting both clubs and the competition administrators. By later that day we had received 664 entries against our maximum capacity of 480 crews. Entries were therefore suspended. Those 664 entries were made up of 245 School/Junior (for 160 places, 53% over-subscribed) and 419 Senior entries (for 320 places, 31% over-subscribed).

While the problems with BROE2 were being experienced, we announced that we would additionally accept notification of intended entries via email to timestamp activity.

As set out in our Entries process, entries would be accepted in two phases:

  1. The first 330 entries in the order in which they were made complete (including payment) on BROE2. 
  2. The remaining 150 entries by how they helped support the principles of the Fours Head (see our Entries page for specifics).

The unfortunate issues with BROE2 and our preparedness to accept email confirmation meant that the first phase was considerably more difficult and time consuming than originally anticipated.  

The second phase was managed as follows:

  1. A small number of high performance or recent winning clubs who had not managed to enter at all were approached to see if they wished to enter. This did not result in any additional entries being made.
  2. High performance clubs with large entries were asked to prioritise their crews.
  3. Tideway clubs were asked to prioritise their School/Junior entries.

Senior crews (100 of the 150) were selected by prioritising: Championship entries (all selected); Senior entries from local Tideway clubs (all selected); Senior entries from recent winning clubs.

School/Junior crews (50 of the 150) were selected prioritising: local Tideway clubs and recent winning clubs.

At the end of this process there remained a significant number of School/Junior entries from local Tideway clubs and recent winners. In order to help mitigate, this the Committee has increased our total accepted entry to 490 crews. All of these crews will be accepted today (Friday).

The remaining 174 crews will be placed on waitlists (one Senior, one School/Junior). The junior waitlist will prioritise entries from local Tideway clubs. As and when already accepted crews withdraw from the competition, crews will move up from the waitlist. This will continue until the official Close of Entries (12 noon on Friday, 4 November 2022).

Crews that withdraw before the Close of Entries will receive a full refund, as will all unaccepted entries after the Close of Entries. After the Close of Entries, Accepted crews that scratch will not receive a refund.

The Committee understands that this situation may mean that clubs will bring fewer boats than they had planned to the competition. If a club already has permission for a trailer at Putney, that permission will still stand, even if that trailer now has fewer boats than originally agreed. The Fours Head would be grateful to clubs who identify further opportunities for trailer sharing.


  1. The Fours Head could not run without the support of the local Tideway clubs, including providing facilities to host visiting crews and providing launches and drivers for officials.
  2. The Committee is in discussions with the Veteran Fours Head to explore the possibility of offering an alternative race to some of the crews who will miss out
  3. The Committee will continue to review the Entries process for future years and welcomes practical suggestions.


  1. Hello there. I believe the refund policy to be slightly ambiguous. Does the phrase “crews that scratch” refer solely to crews that scratch themselves, or also to crews on the waiting list who the event decides cannot race due to exceeding the event capacity?


    1. Hi Harry – the terms “withdraw” and “scratch” have very specific meanings. “Withdraw” is what a crew can do before the Official Close of Entries (noon on 4 Nov 2022). If a crew withdraws before that, it will be refunded whether or not it has already been Accepted. Crews cannot withdraw after the Official Close of Entries.
      After the official Close of Entries, ALL crews that have not been Accepted will be refunded by us automatically. They do not need to do anything to get the refund. If they scratch after that, they will not be refunded.
      I hope that helps.


  2. Is the waiting list still operating? I.e. if crews now scratch will other crews move up from the waiting list? Are we able to find out our position on the waiting list?


    1. Hi Ed, no the waiting lists are no longer operating because we are now past the official Close of Entries (noon today, 4 November 2022). We are not permitted to accept any further crews now, even if other scratch.


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