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Update following official Close of Entries

The official Close of Entries for the 2022 Fours Head was at noon today (4 November 2022), as set out on our Entries page.

This means:

  • Crew with the status Accepted in BROE2 will be included in the start order.
  • Substitutions in Accepted crews are now subject to the the British Rowing Rules of Racing regarding substitutions (i.e. no more than 50% of the crew) – see our Entries page (near the bottom) for further information on Substitutions.
  • Accepted crews that are no longer able to race should Scratch on BROE2, and will not receive a refund.
  • Regrettably, we cannot include crews with any other status in the start order. These crews will be refunded over the next two days or so and their status changed to “Rejected”. The waitlists are no longer in operation; we are not permitted to accept any further crews at this stage, even if there are scratchings.

Actions for Accepted crews

Accepted crews should now:

  • Make sure you actually have a definite booking at the Host Club you selected in BROE2.
  • Make sure each of your entries shows that Host Club. If you need to CHANGE your Host Club, contact because BROE2 won’t let you change them now yourself.

Why? At 12 noon on Thursday, 10 November, we will print the list that will ensure your race numbers will be delivered to that host club. If you change host club after that point, remember where you originally told us you were boating from and make sure you know how to get there to collect your numbers.

The Provisional Start List will be published on our Start Order page in the week beginning 7 November. Once this is published, we encourage visiting clubs to use it to identify trailer sharing opportunities with near neighbours to minimise the number of trailers that need to travel and park.

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