Hammersmith Bridge

Short Finish Contingency Plans 2021

Plan for rough water after Hammersmith

The race will finish (and be timed to) Sons of the Thames.

Navigation after that is shown below:

Plan for closure of Hammersmith Bridge to navigation

There is a very small risk that the bridge might be closed to river traffic at short notice. If this occurs, crews will need to follow race officials’ instructions. The main changes would be:

  1. The race will finish at Sons of the Thames.
  2. After the revised finish all crews will be instructed to continue as far as Dove Pier where they will turn to Surrey, pointing upriver UNLESS:
    1. they boated from Furnivall/Auriol Kensington/British Rowing in which case they will return to their boating location on the Middlesex side OR
    2. they are specifically told by a race official to turn to Middlesex;
  3. Crews who boated from clubs downriver of Hammersmith Bridge should land at St Pauls (or British Rowing if instructed) and carry the boat around the bridge and then access the river below the bridge via one of the sets of steps (with care) on the Surrey side (or Fulham Reach pontoon if on the Middlesex side). Crews will need to be prepared to walk for an extended distance and are advised to have appropriate footwear available.
  4. Crews who are returning upriver from below Hammersmith Bridge should land below the bridge on the Surrey side and carry the boat around the bridge and access the river from St Pauls.

Please refer to the map below showing these contingency routes:

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