2018 Winning crews

Open Club Quads: Championship

(1) Leander Club (A)
Bow: Jack Beaumont
2: Jonathan Walton
3: John Collins
Stroke: Angus Groom
Coach: Ali Brown

Open Club Quads: Challenge

(172) Tideway Scullers School (D)
Bow: Tim Male
2: Johann Brown Fumeau
3: Husein Alireza
Stroke: James Budenburg
Coach: David Mannion

Open Academic Quads: Championship

(8) Imperial College BC (M)
Bow: Ali Ben Tiba
2: Edward Bentley
3: Thomas Smith
Stroke: Evan Fisher
Coaches: Peter Hardcastle and Tessa Millar

Open School/Junior Quads: Championship

(58) Leander Club (F)
Coach: James Loveday

Open School/Junior Quads: Challenge

(214) Bedford School BC (B)
Coach: Pete Mulkerrins

Women’s Club Quads: Championship

(86) Leander Club (C)
Bow: Emily Ford
2: Rowan McKellar
3: Karen Bennett
Stroke: Jessica Leyden
Coach: Mark Banks

Women’s Club Quads: Challenge

(327) Cantabrigian RC (B)
Bow: Eve Beere
2: Cecilia Collins-Taylor
3: Valentina Sassow
Stroke: Ann Laube
Coach: Tom Copeland

Women’s Academic Quads: Championship

(87) Reading University BC (E)
Bow: Lucy Ryan
2: Kate Lyster
3: Chloe Knight
Stroke: Rachel Heap
Coaches: Chris Bartley and Charlotte Taylor

Women’s School/Junior Quads: Championship

(92) Henley RC (D)
Coach: Leon Redman

Women’s School/Junior Quads: Challenge

(343) Bedford Modern School BC (A)
Coaches: Jordan Bruce and William White

Open Club Coxless Fours: Championship

(15) Leander Club (E)
Bow: Oliver Cook
2: Ollie Wynne-Griffiths
3: Thomas Jeffery
Stroke: Matt Rossiter
Coach: Henry Fieldman

Open Club Coxless Fours: Challenge

(234) Putney Town RC (F)
Bow: Sam Diserens
2: James Diserens
3: Samuel Russell
Stroke: Alex Duncomb
Coach: Julie Lewis

Open Club Coxless Fours: Intermediate

(441) Leicester RC
Bow: Ben Pickering
2: Cillian Cook
3: Matthew Bowles
Stroke: Thomas Harding
Coach: Howard Marsh

Open Academic Coxless Fours: Championship

(36) Goldie BC (D)
Bow: Calum MacRae
2: Ben Dyer
3: Theodore Weinberger
Stroke: Harold Baxter
Coaches: Rob Baker and Richard Chambers

Open School/Junior Coxless Fours: Championship

(160) Westminster School (A)
Coach: Josh Butler

Women’s Club Coxless Fours: Championship

(121) Tideway Scullers School (A)
Bow: Bethan Walters
2: Ellenor Peebles
3: Rowi Mortimer
Stroke: Anna Terry
Coach: Kieran Clark

Women’s Club Coxless Fours: Challenge

(121) Wallingford RC (B)
Bow: Emily Wilks
2: Kat Butler
3: Hannah Slater
Stroke: Beverley Ashton
Coach: Mike Edge

Women’s Academic Coxless Fours: Championship

(130) Cambridge University Women’s BC (D)
Bow: Pippa Whittaker
2: Patricia Smith
3: Ida Gørtz Jacobsen
Stroke: Lily Lindsay
Coach: Patrick Ryan

Women’s School/Junior Coxless Fours: Championship

(129) Lea RC (F)
Coach: Dick Millard

Open Club Coxed Fours: Championship

(44) Quintin BC (F)
Bow: Mark Chatwin
2: Max Murdock
2: Alexander Miller
Stroke: Michael Ewing
Cox: Rebekah Edgar
Coach: Fred Smallbone

Open Club Coxed Fours: Challenge

(275) Stratford upon Avon BC (C)
Bow: Patrick Hourigan
2: Finn Sprackling
3: Tom Coles
Stroke: Mike Hourigan
Cox: Amie Jones
Coach: Bill Sullivan

Open Club Coxed Fours: Intermediate

(459) Warwick BC (A) 
Bow: Andrew Whitbread
2: Philip Tonkin
3: Fraser Jefferies
Stroke: Andrew Collett
Cox: Samantha Wesley
Coach: Graham Giles

Open Academic Coxed Fours: Championship

(45) Isis BC (A)
Bow: Charles Pearson
2: Augustin Wambersie
3: Tobias Schröder
Stroke: Felix Drinkall
Cox: Anna Carbery
Coaches: Sean Bowden and Brendan Gliddon

Open Academic Coxed Fours: Challenge

(259) Granta BC (B)
Bow: Connor O’Pray
2: Sam Armstrong
3: Peter Taylor
Stroke: Matt Webb
Cox: Dylan Whitaker
Coach: Astrid Cohnen

Open School/Junior Coxed Fours: Championship

(72) St Paul’s School BC (A)
Coach: Bobby Thatcher

Open School/Junior Coxed Fours: Challenge

(287) Abingdon School BC (C)
Coaches: Mark Earnshaw and Rory Copus

Women’s Club Coxed Fours: Championship

(138) Thames RC (G)
Bow: Amy Gibson
2: Cat Buizza
3: Jordan Cole-Hossain
Stroke: Olivia Rogerson
Cox: Nat Kernan
Coach: Alexander Smulders

Women’s Club Coxed Fours: Challenge

(402) Tideway Scullers School (K)
Bow: Aisling Brown
2: Marije Plak
3: Mia Thomas
Stroke: Alice Bloomer
Cox: Antonia Stutter
Coach: Kieran Clark

Women’s Academic Coxed Fours: Championship

(385) Cambridge University Women’s BC (A)
Bow: Katherine Horvat
2: Naomi Pygott
3: Laura Foster
Stroke: Sophie Deans
Cox: Catriona Bourne Swinton Hunter
Coach: Patrick Ryan

Women’s Academic Coxed Fours: Challenge

(396) Oxford University Women’s Lightweight RC (B)
Bow: Caitlin O’Brien
2: Grace Joel
3: Brigitte Schmittlein
Stroke: Fiona Jamieson
Cox: Charlotte Lee
Coaches: Jill Betts and Chris O’Hara

Women’s School/Junior Coxed Fours: Championship

(153) Kingston RC (C)
Coach: Florence Griffiths

Women’s School/Junior Coxed Fours: Challenge

(368) Marlow RC (B)
Coach: Enya Meadows

Note: Crew members’ name for Schoool/Junior crews not included here in accordance with British Rowing safeguarding guidelines.

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