Fours Head bunting

2021 Winning crews

The Committee are grateful to JET Photographic for these photographs which are © Jet Photographic.

Open Championship Quads

1. Leander Club B

Women’s Championship Quad

39. Leander Club E

Open Championship Coxless Fours

8. Leander Club D

Women’s Championship Coxless Fours

47. Leander Club K

Open Championship Coxed Fours

23. Oxford Brookes University Boat Club A

Women’s Championship Coxed Fours

52. Leander Club G

Open Academic Quads

63. Reading University Boat Club A

Women’s Academic Quads

247. Reading University Boat Club G

Open Club Quads

69. London RC I

Women’s Club Quads

267. Marlow RC H

Open Academic Coxless Fours

89. Oxford University Lightweight RC A

Women’s Academic Coxless Fours

253. Imperial College Boat Club B

Open Club Coxless Fours

156. London RC A

Women’s Club Coxless Fours

288. Thames RC B

Open Academic Coxed Fours

187. University of Liverpool BC A

Women’s Academic Coxed Fours

360. Southampton University BC B

Open Club Coxed Fours

195. London RC K

Women’s Club Coxed Fours

372. Thames RC A

School/Junior Quads

94. Windsor Boys School BC A

Women’s School/Junior Quads

315. Henley RC F

Open School/Junior Coxless Fours

138. King’s College School BC B

Women’s School/Junior Coxless Fours

364. Henley RC H

Open School/Junior Coxed Fours

218. King’s College School BC A

Women’s School/Junior Coxed Fours

400. Henley RC I

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