Fours Head bunting

2022 Winning crews

The Committee are grateful to JET Photographic for these photographs which are © Jet Photographic.

Open Championship Quads

1. Leander Club L

Women’s Championship Quad

48. Leander Club B

Open Championship Coxless Fours

18. Leander Club M

Women’s Championship Coxless Fours

62. Leander Club G

Open Championship Coxed Fours

33. Leander Club H

Women’s Championship Coxed Fours

70. Leander Club D

Open Academic Quads

80. Reading University BC C

Women’s Academic Quads

292. Reading University BC F

Open Club Quads

90. London RC D

Women’s Club Quads

33. Upper Thames RC C

Open Academic Coxless Fours

106. Oxford University Lightweight RC A

Women’s Academic Coxless Fours

300. University of London BC G

Open Club Coxless Fours

169. Thames RC M

Women’s Club Coxless Fours

330. Thames RC G

Open Academic Coxed Fours

209. Cambridge University BC G

Women’s Academic Coxed Fours

439. Cambridge University BC H

Open Club Coxed Fours

228. London RC C

Women’s Club Coxed Fours

444. Thames RC J

School/Junior Quads

112. Leander Club C

Women’s School/Junior Quads

363. Henley RC D

Open School/Junior Coxless Fours

155. Radley College BC A

Women’s School/Junior Coxless Fours

406. Henley RC F

Open School/Junior Coxed Fours

259. St Paul’s School BC A

Women’s School/Junior Coxed Fours

473. Henley RC E
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