Llandaff boy's quad

New for 2018

A number of changes have been made for the 2018 race as the HOR4s continues to evolve. Full details of these and how to enter can be found on our Entries page.

Entries will open on BROE2 on Monday, 10 September 2018.

Key changes

  • The same events are now offered for men (open) and women in all three boat classes. More on this >>
  • A new set of Academic events is offered for each Category (open/women and quads/coxless fours/coxed fours) alongside Club and School/Junior events. More on this >>
  • Introduction of School/Junior coxless fours.
  • No minimum Crew Ranking Index threshold.
  • Substitutions (up to 50% of the crew) can now be made online up to 1 hour before the race starts.
  • Split marshalling: the top Band of all events will be marshalled in the first two divisions.
  • A sliding scale of prizes commensurate with degree of achievement. A prize will be given to all Band winners but the highest prizes will be awarded to the six Category winners. More on this >>

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