boats on the Tideway

Changes for 2019

A number of changes have been made for the 2019 race as the HOR4s continues to evolve:

  • The Overtaking Rule has been changed to bring it in line with the one used at the Tideway eights heads i.e. Boats being overtaken MUST give way, and boats overtaking MUST do so safely. All crews have a responsibility to avoid collision. More on this >>
  • Only finalists (semi-finalists no longer included) of Championship/Elite events at Henley Women’s Regatta must race in Band 1. More on who must race in Band 1 (see Band guidelines and marshaling section) >>
  • Events with a small entry: If the entry in a particular Event is very small it will only have a single band, but if the crews in it have very different CRI we reserve the right to set them off in different parts of the start order, even though they will be competing a single prize. More on who must race in Band 1 (see Band guidelines and marshaling section) >>
  • Start order: Crews in Band 1 (Championship) will be ordered based on their result in Band 1 in the same Event the previous year.
  • Principles of the Head of the River Fours have been drawn up to help competitors understand the competition and why we might do things in a particular way, and to help the Committee when making decisions about the competition. More on this >>

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