Entries are filling up

Entries for the 2019 Head of the River Fours have been filling up faster than usual since we opened on BROE2 just over a week ago.

As stated on our Entries page, we will accept – as quickly as we can – the first 480 crews (and within this the first 160 School/Junior crews) entered which:

  • Are complete (no “-” placeholders).
  • Have been paid for.
  • Have an agreed boating location with a host club (visiting crews).
  • Are not the subject of any queries we have raised.

As at 8am on 8 October we have received:

  • 305 entries (128 accepted) in total
  • 156 School/Junior entries (67 accepted)

See the Entries page for updates on these figures.

We expect to be full well before the official close of entries (at noon on Friday, 8 November). We will suspend BROE2 for new entries once we have reached  our limits. Once we have suspended, you can still do the following right up until the official close:

  • Make as many substitutions as you like to accepted crews.
  • Change the event in which an accepted crew is entered (e.g. turn a W4+ into a W4x – you don’t need to withdraw and start again).

Clubs planning on racing but which have not yet decided exactly which events they want to enter or precisely who is in their crews can therefore enter now and adjust their boat type and line-ups before 8 November.

Paid entries which are withdrawn before the official close on Friday, 8 November will be refunded in full.


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