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Have your entries been accepted? If not…

As at 6pm on Sunday, 13 October, we have 526 live entries for the race, of which 437 have been accepted.

As stated on our Entries page:

  • The race has a limit of 480 crews.
  • We will accept the first 480 that meet all of the criteria which are set out on in detail on the Entries page; the main reason for entered crews not having been accepted is that they haven’t been PAID for.

Unless a crew is accepted before the official close of entries on Friday, 8 November 2019, it will not be racing. Therefore, if you have made entries but they have not yet been accepted, please pay/fill placeholders/confirm boating location/resolve queries so your crews don’t miss out! Note: unless there are withdrawals before the official close, some of the as-yet-unaccepted entries are not going to be racing.

Once we have accepted 480 crews, we will suspend BROE2 for new entries (School/Junior entries have already been suspended as the quota of 160 accepted crews has been filled). After this any withdrawals until the official close will be replaced by crews already on the system in the order in which they met the criteria (NOT the order in which the entry was first put on BROE2).

The Entries page also shows:

  • Daily updates for the total numbers of entries and crews accepted.
  • Information about refunds for crews that are not accepted.


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