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Entries suspended: we’re full

Entries were suspended at 4.20pm on Monday, 14 October 2019 after 480 (including 166 Sch/Jun) crews had been accepted. Please note that this limit is for safety reasons on and off the water and cannot be exceeded.

We are operating two separate waiting lists: one for Sch/Jun crews and one for Club ad Academic crews.

If any of the accepted entries withdraw before the official close of entries on Friday, 8 November 2019, they will be replaced with crews from the appropriate waiting list which will be accepted at that point. Crews are placed on the appropriate waiting list in the order that they become ‘acceptable’ i.e. meet all of the criteria set out on the Entries page.

We currently have 80 (including 11 Sch/Jun) entries on the system which have not been accepted (updates to these numbers will be posted daily on the Entries page). 22 of these (including 7 Sch/Jun) are complete and paid for (two of the key criteria that must be met before entries can be placed on the waiting list).

Entry fees for crews which are not accepted will be refunded after the official close of entries. Entry fees for crews which withdraw before the official close of entries will be refunded promptly.

We regret that no further new entries can be made this year.

We have been as surprised as you are at the unprecedented speed with which entries have filled up this year.

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