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Check your crew’s entry!

We have just published updated start orders on the Start order page. These include scratchings up to noon today (Wednesday, 20 November 2019). Don’t worry, we do know about scratchings since then.

Please can all crews and coaches:

  1. Check that the correct NAMES are in your crew on the “Start order with crew list” and ensure that any substitutions are made. (NB These lists were correct at noon on Wednesday, 20 November – we are aware of substitutions made since then.)
  2. Check the HOST CLUB for your crew: this is where your number will be. If you are now going to boat from somewhere else, you’ll still need to collect your number from the host club shown.
  3. Check that you are quite clear what your crew’s RACE NUMBER is (especially if there is more than one entry from your club in an event). Each crew must race with the number allocated.
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