Changes due to conditions

Reduction in number of crews

Earlier in the week we highlighted these challenging conditions and asked all competing clubs to consider whether any of their crews should scratch from the race, and offered a full refund to those who did. We were hoping that around 100 crews would take this opportunity which would have achieved our goal of de-risking the event by removing those less prepared to cope with the conditions and by allowing longer gaps between each crew. As not enough crews took up this opportunity, regrettably, we have been forced to cut some crews from this year’s event in order that the event may go ahead. The relevant clubs know who these crews are; if your club hasn’t heard from us, you’re in!

Please understand that this is not what any of the organising Committee wanted to do and we know that whatever method we use will be seen as unjust and unfair to those who are impacted. In the end we have decided to exclude a proportion of the lowest ranked crews from all events in order to bring the total number of crews to 380 (from 480). We will scratch the affected crews from BROE2.

The race is ON. The updated start order is on the Start order page.


We expect to be able to make at least a partial refund for the crews we are cutting; we will refund as much as we can, but it’s ‘partial’ at this point because we don’t yet fully know the position. We are focusing on running the race first and will sort out refunds a soon as possible after that.


Crews should still marshal in the original divisions and locations shown on the marshalling map (see Crew information). However, the following CHANGES apply to details of marshalling and starting because of the conditions:

  • It will take you longer than usual to get to the start: Crews must allow sufficient time to reach the start area from their boating location, bearing in mind that they will be rowing against a stronger than normal stream.
  • Crew separation at the start increased: The space between crews has been increased from 1 length of clear water to 2 lengths of clear water to provide better spacing in the finish area. Crews MUST ensure that there is adequate separation as they approach Chiswick Bridge to avoid being held back by officials.
  • Time penalties for late arrival at start: Crews in Divisions 1 and 2 MUST be above Chiswick Bridge by 12:35 (10 mins before race) or they WILL incur a 5 second time penalty. The race must start on time.
  • Leave more time when crossing at Chiswick Pier: Crews crossing (before or after the race) and turning at Chiswick Pier must take extra care and anticipate the impact of the faster-than-usual-current on boat movements (theirs and others’).
  • Crews late to the marshalling area won’t be allowed to ‘weave through’ after the race has started: Crews (mostly for Divisions 2 and 4) who arrive at the back of Dvision 6 AFTER  the race has started are likely to be held there and set off at the very end of the race. Due to the challenging marshalling conditions, we will be taking a very firm line on crews trying to weave their way up through marshalling crews. The start will be without reference to absentees.

As always, crews are reminded that failure to follow the instructions of officials may result in penalisation or disqualification. This is PARTICULARLY important when conditions are challenging and the officials will be giving instructions to ensure the safety of all crews.


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