Conditions update (Friday morning)

We are pleased to see that the PLA Ebb Tide Flag has now gone to GREEN. However, there is still a very considerable and above-average flow of water into the Tideway from upriver so the stream will still be extremely strong on Saturday and crews should prepare accordingly.

At the same time there has been a noticeable worsening on the weather forecast for the race, with easterly winds and rain predicted. At the moment, the Committee believe the steps we have taken are sufficient for the race to GO AHEAD AS NORMAL but we are continuing to monitor conditions and will consider all options, including shortening the race. Any decision to shorten will be made on Saturday in the light of the prevailing conditions and communicated on the website and social media.

For safety reasons as well as to meet the BR Rules of Racing, we MUST know who is on the water so PLEASE check:

  • Tha names of who is in your crew are correct in the Crews_ES33 report on our Start order page and make any subs on BROE2. If you can’t (because a sub exceeds the 50% rule), see the ‘How to make substitutions’ section at the bottom of our Entries page on how to do this.
  • That the ‘on the day’ contact details for your crew in BROE2 is correct – we hope we will not need these BUT we have used them in the past!

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