Barnes Bridge

Barnes Bridge Arch 1 closure: Be aware

Arch 1 (on the Middlesex bank) is currently closed due to works taking place there.

Here’s a picture taken from up-river at very low tide in late October 2021, showing the construction of a coffer dam under the arch, which may be UNDERWATER on race day when the tide is higher, and crews should give the area a wide berth:

And here’s a picture from the down-river side (again, with the tide much lower than it will be even for the final crews coming back up river after the Fours Head).

Arch 1 will, however, be OPEN during the period of the river closure (starting at 9.45am on race day) for the Fours Head 2021. This includes the marshalling period. Crews should note:

  • Officially, the river closure ends at Barnes Bridge when the last racing crew passes through the bridge, so crews returning to clubs up river of Barnes Bridge (e.g. TSS, Quintin, MAA, Putney Town, UL) after that time MAY need to go through the centre arch.
  • Visiting crews training on the Tideway outside the river closure must be aware of this change to the usual navigation. More information, including maps of how to navigate through the bridge and why crews going in BOTH DIRECTIONS must take EXTRA care can be found here:
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