Stream Conditions Update: Friday, 18 November (1900 hrs)

The Committee continue to monitor the stream and weather conditions very closely. There has been no material change to the situation since the update at 12 noon. At this time the Committee expect to run the race as planned.

However, this position is subject to change: the Committee will maintain a close watch on conditions and provide further information as necessary. If there is a significant alteration in the current or forecast conditions the next update will be at around 0900 on Saturday morning.

The PLA flag remains at Yellow and all clubs, crews and coaches must be prepared for the expected conditions, including a fast stream which will turn crews quickly if they are not alert; turning or manoeuvring in the vicinity of bridges and other obstacles must be undertaken with extreme care – avoid turning above any obstacle and always allow plenty of space. The high outgoing flow is also likely to delay the turn of the tide at low water, crews must at all times be aware of the direction of the stream and navigate accordingly.

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