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Changes for 2020

Race name

Recognising that most people refer to our race as the Fours Head, we have changed its official name to that. It has been the Head of the River Fours since it began in 1955, but we are happy to reflect what it’s widely called.

New look

We have combined this change with giving the race a more contemporary look. Our new logo has been designed by the rowing artist Annabel Eyres and we hope you like it as much as we do. As you can see, our website (which is now at has been updated to use our new livery which you will also see along the course on race days and at the prize giving. Our Twitter and Facebook pages have also changed their names. All previous URLs will redirect to the new ones.


We have made some changes to the events offered for 2020 as a result of feedback from competitors.

  • The maximum number of crews has been reduced from 480 to 450. This has been done to reduce the amount of time the crews going off last (as well as marshals and other volunteers) have to spend on the water in what are usually cold conditions given the time of year when the race runs, and also the likelihood that these crews are returning to their host clubs in poor light conditions when the race starts in the afternoon. Both of these situations carry safety risk and can be a negative experience.
  • The Championship (formerly Band 1) events for Club and Academic crews have been combined so that these crews can test their speed against each other in similar conditions. Senior crews below Championship continue to compete in separate Club and Academic events. School/Junior crews of a suitable standard may elect to race in Championship. The four categories – Championship, Club, Academic and School/Junior – will not be further sub-divided into Bands.

Full details about the entry criteria for all events can be found on our entries page.

Race Committee Chair

Daniel Walker of Auriol Kensington RC has taken over as Race Committee Chair from Judith Packer of Staines BC who becomes Assistant Race Committee Chair.

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